iClipseGlobal | The Process
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The Process

Meet With Client or Proxy

Meet With Client or Representative

Whether the meeting takes place in-person or via phone call, this is an opportunity for our client to express the problem or anticipated issue. Each side can put all questions on the table to decide if iClipse is the best path to a resolution. We will never recommend working with us if we do not believe that it will be successful and want to clearly ensure that what we eventually propose and execute will be in line with the client’s overall strategy.



Following our meeting, iClipse will outline a high-level program that best fits achieving the client’s objectives in the most efficient and secure way possible.  We review this program with the client to assure alignment.



We then develop an overall strategy that encompasses the client’s objectives. This Statement of Work typically includes:

  • Timeline
  • Planned tactics and techniques to be used
  • Requirements of the client
  • A check-in schedule
  • Anticipated results
  • Price
  • Additional estimated costs


We perform the actions as outlined in the Statement of Work.  Because the landscape changes, the specific actions may change, however, we will alert our client prior to making that change. We will stick to our strict schedule and provide you with regular reporting and current progress throughout the process.



We take a “snap shot” of the situation prior to implementation, known as the Baseline, and begin to measure progress from that starting point towards the objective.  This measurement is both qualitative and quantitative and can be tracked by the client.


Monitor & Maintain

Once our team has achieved the objective, most of our clients ask us to continue to monitor the situation and take the actions necessary to maintain the result.  This is typically priced separately and an addition that we highly recommend.

Your Security is our Priority

With every project, regardless of size, we make sure that we utilize secure communications and IT networks to ensure that our work and activities are untraceable. This includes software and hardware techniques as well as internal protocols to assure our client’s privacy and safety.

iClipse, a Digital Risk Mitigation Services company, protects our clients from harmful and threatening acts and people who may damage their reputations via the Internet. By using cutting-edge technology and tradecraft, iClipse is the definitive solution to guarding your online perception.