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For all our clients, we incorporate a combination of proprietary technology and years of digital and social engineering tradecraft to create a unique and customized solution enabling our clients to achieve their overall objectives.

  • Proprietary Technology
  • Social Engineering
  • Digital Tradecraft

Digital Crisis Response

Tailored and timely strategy is one of our best assets at iClipse; think of it as a “Disaster Recovery Plan.” By working directly with our client’s PR or legal team, we develop a plan that is created prior to any issue and becomes the playbook when crisis arises.


Product Recalls

Messy Divorce

Embarrassing Legal Issues

Negative Publicity

Company or Personal Scandal

Employee Data Leaking

Past Law Infractions

Damaging Social Media Post

Perception Engineering

Thanks to our software and advanced digital tradecraft, iClipse can change the shape of recommendations and results to create, maintain, and protect the perception of any organization or individual.

By combining our skills and our software we can alter perception quickly and accurately to restore a good reputation and more. By going behind-the-scenes, iClipse modifies suggested and organic search results which, in turn, changes the search engine landscape for our clients.


For one of our more prominent clients, we cleared all concerning search results, including images. After a clean slate, iClipse continued to monitor and track search results, keywords and images daily; even going as far as to proactively identify hostile, emerging content and immediately suppress it. While working on this effort, we identified and negotiated the takedown of a hostile web domain.

With this client we continue to develop and integrate strategy that involved both incorporated images and traditional media. Combined with regular monitoring and reporting from our proprietary software and technology, we were also able to completely neutralize attacks by hostile entities

Digital Forensics

iClipse goes beyond surface-level investigation and combines digital tradecraft and high-level security operation experience to find a solution.

The forensic science landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace and with digital and cyber-attacks becoming more frequent, learning how to counter such attacks is critical.

Through our work with various government agencies we have developed proprietary technology that allows us to monitor potential threats.  Often, we must implement some of our unique tradecraft that allows us to identify false and anonymous personas, identify potential hostile threats, and provide solutions to neutralize these concerns.


Using a combination of social engineering techniques we supported the recovery of a missing person.  In a combined effort with private investigators and law enforcement, and iClipse software, we found the missing person and recovered lost information.

Threat Assessment

Your reputation and identity is worth protecting and defending.

The Internet is an uncontrollable force; oftentimes allowing false accusations, statements and harmful actions to destroy a person’s reputation in under five minutes.

We work with our clients to identify and address these issues as well as minimize, mitigate, and contain disasters.

  • Product Recalls
  • Class Action Responses
  • Minimize & Mitigate Crisis
  • Contain Disasters

If litigation is probable or already involved, our team can provide immediate support. In these situations, we offer our clients the opportunity to use our services in either a defensive or offensive capacity.


Together with law enforcement and government agencies, we monitored the global internet to blur, eliminate, redirect, and suppress any information that may have led to the identification of our client and any of client’s close relationships.  Our client was involved in bringing very high-profile people to justice. While the information was being remediated, there was an ongoing threat of a hostile entity that we had to defend against throughout the program.

Post Crisis Monitoring

iClipse will not leave the situation once a problem has been solved. Following the repair, we will continue to monitor and assure stability of our client and their reputation.


We can protect you from those who seek to harm or damage your brand.


Learn more about some of the different scenarios we have resolved

Personal Risk

Personal Reputation

Group Risk

Group Reputation

iClipse, a Digital Risk Mitigation Services company, protects our clients from harmful and threatening acts and people who may damage their reputations via the Internet. By using cutting-edge technology and tradecraft, iClipse is the definitive solution to guarding your online perception.