iClipseGlobal | Perception Engineering
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Perception Engineering


For all of our clients, we incorporate a combination of proprietary technology and years of digital and social engineering tradecraft to create a unique and customized solution enabling our clients to achieve their overall objectives.

  • Proprietary Technology
  • Social Engineering
  • Digital Tradecraft

Perception Engineering

Thanks to our software and advanced digital tradecraft, iClipse can change the shape of recommendations and results to create, maintain, and protect the perception of any organization or individual.

By combining our skills and our software we can alter perception quickly and accurately to restore a good reputation and more. By going behind-the-scenes, iClipse modifies suggested and organic search results which, in turn, changes the search engine landscape for our clients.


For one of our more prominent clients, we cleared all concerning search results, including images. After a clean slate, iClipse continued to monitor and track search results, keywords and images daily; even going as far as to proactively identify hostile, emerging content and immediately suppress it. While working on this effort, we identified and negotiated the takedown of a hostile web domain.

With this client we continue to develop and integrate strategy that involved both incorporated images and traditional media. Combined with regular monitoring and reporting from our proprietary software and technology, we were also able to completely neutralize attacks by hostile entities.

Post Crisis Monitoring

While we may have snuffed the original problem, there is no guarantee that these harmful attacks won’t reappear. But instead of leaving you to fend for yourself, iClipse software continues to monitor and keep tabs on possible threats and attackers that may attempt to sabotage your reputation and assure stability.


We can protect you from those who seek to harm or damage your brand.


Learn more about some of the different scenarios we have resolved

Personal Risk

Personal Reputation

Group Risk

Group Reputation

iClipse, a Digital Risk Mitigation Services company, protects our clients from harmful and threatening acts and people who may damage their reputations via the Internet. By using cutting-edge technology and tradecraft, iClipse is the definitive solution to guarding your online perception.